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Wow, I has been so impressed of your picture when you drawn penguin that's based on my old pic that i drawn that in Ms paint long time ...



I has been tagged by :iconthe-scarf-husky: x3

1. Why did you join dA?
Because, it's fun to show some art that i did! Making story ;) Argh! Stupid writer's block.  Writing emoticon Writing Emote - NaNo5 

3. Favorite Cartoon or Anime?
Ed, Edd & Eddy Ed sprite (animated) Edd sprite (animated) Eddy drinks lemonade animation 

4. Team Cute and fluffy or Team edgy and dark or both?
   Team cute and fluffy! Judy - Icon 

Favorite music?
gospel, 8-bit musics, Jazz and rhapsody in rock Gift: Wynnter89 sax La worship 

6. Do you consider your self fabulous
I can do Elvis voice Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 

Roller coasters? Yay or nay?
Greatest ride in the summer! :D Train Ride Train Ride Train Ride Train Ride Train Ride Lolercoaster 

8. Favorite game franchise?
Nintendo ^^ mario and luigi 

9: Are you random?
I think so.. I like crazy toons ^^'

10. Dance Dance Revolution (select a difficulty):
 Idont have dance dance revolution

11. How would you respond to a triple dog dare?
I dunno... :/

12. Favorite animal?
Penguins <3 Open Mouth Baby Emperor Penguin Icon Penguin Snuggle Penguins of Madagascar - Baby Private Icon Mumble Happy Feet Icon penguin 

13. You dare take my cookie >:C
Why? FREE AVATAR - Floating Cookie Unimpressed 

Questions for you

1. Why did you joind DA, how did you found it?

2. Which countries you have traveled?

3. Do you wish you want to be a talented artist?

4. Do you have a dream? You wish it will come true?, How you could do?

5. Where do you get idea for drawing?

6. Do you want to draw better like Anime, toon, disney, don bluth or other styles?

7. Which landscapes you want to be in?

8. Do you read books without pictures or with pictures?

9. Which humor things is your favorite? like slapstick, jokes or other

10. Which cliches in the movies you hate like jumpscare or something?

11. What could you do if you got artblock?

12. which places in your city is your favorite?

13. Alcohol, soda or water?

I tag :icongloverboy23: :iconmarillon954: :iconmcsaurus: :iconteal-eri: :iconxx-junglebeatz-xx: :iconsagafantasticart30:
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  • Reading: bible
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Penguin of the animal kingdom cover
This art suppose to be like video/book back and front cover view to Penguin of the animal kingdom known as Enric origins story. This reminds animated movie video from 1990/1980. 

I am not going spoil whole story from my mind, soon you will see more exciting adventure, fun & fantasy things and explaination how Enric ended up into Africa there mammals, birds, dinosaurs and monsters living together in the world. 

Scroll down after you clicked the link to see the beginning of the story enricthepenguin92.deviantart.c…
The remind
Abran and Enric watched the stars in the sky, Enric feel very tired. It's midnight. Abran laid down and lets Enric sleep. When Abran looked at the stars. He remember something before he found Enric, He saw a lighting bird in the sky. Was it real or a rare falling star? 
Many things and the light
Abran and young Enric went out from the dark jungle to their home. Enric looked up around the sky. There are stars in infinity. He asked his lion father "Dad! Look at those lighting spots in the sky! What are they?" Abran stays  and looks up at the stars like Enric do. "They are called stars they lighting in the heaven in the infinity. When you looking around them, the stars shows  like peoples and all other creatures that live in the world when you count them. Lighting is living." Enric asked Abran again "So the light is a life?". "Yes it is that  Mumba has created the light in the beginning of the life"
facial expressions mirror
I bought a mirror in last year to use some different expressions to draw of better.  Like this……
I know that pic in my laptop wasnt similar to my face in mirror ^^;
I used my facial expression to the monkey in the comic enricthepenguin92.deviantart.c…


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